• Creative Challenge Day

    for Special Education Classrooms


    Friday, May 1 @ Camp McGregor - Clarklake, MI

    An introduction of innovation for students with intellectual disabilities.

    Creative Challenge Day is a classroom-based program that provides developmentally-appropriate student challenge activities to be solved in small groups within the classroom.


    Special Educators receive a challenge kit that has weekly Instant Challenges that build developmental skills and introduce problem-solving strategies.


    Each classroom, in addition to weekly Instant Challenges, works on solving a Team Challenge - where they will create a presentation that addresses an issue, and include certain challenge requirements. Each year the theme of the challenge changes. All teams are invited to present their challenge solution (which takes the form a 5-8 minute presentation / skit) at our Creative Challenge Day.

  • What to Expect

    At Creative Challenge Day, each classroom-based team will:

    Present their Team Challenge

    5-8 Minute Performance

    Teams will have prepared a performance that showcases their "solution" to the Team Challenge. This takes the form of a skit or presentation, and can include student-created props, costumes, etc.

    Participate in an Instant Challenge

    4-6 Minute Experience

    Teams will be given a challenge to solve "on-the-spot" that will be fun, utilize their problem-solving abilities, and include facilitators to provide inquiring questions for growth.

    Be Recognized their Creativity

    Student Growth is Applauded

    All students receive recognition for their bravery in further-developing their creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills.

    Teachers are invited to provide additional student-specific awards as well.

    Celebrate and socialize with new friends

    Lunch and a Party!

    Teams will enjoy lunch together, visit exploration stations that will be hands-on learning experiences related to the theme of the challenge, and the ever-popular dance party to finish the afternoon!

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