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  • TIPS for a Successful Tournament Day

    All teams should do the following things to prepare for their Regional Tournament:

    Check the POINTS!

    Look at the Team Challenge Document

    Make sure the team has provided a solution / item for every scored element in the challenge. Do not forget about the Team Choice Elements (not included for Improv)

    Create a Packing List

    What things do you need for Tournament Day?

    Make a list of ALL items the team uses in their presentation for their Team Challenge (remember props, costumes, etc.). Include paperwork that is needed, too!

    Draft the Paperwork

    Double Check the following forms are entirely filled out:

    6 Copies of Tournament Data Form

    1 Copy of Expense Report (not Improv)

    2 Copies of Declaration of Independence

    Pro Tip: Pack a complete SECOND set of paperwork to use as a back-up. Give to a parent / supporter to hold on to.

    Start the Shopping List

    A great task for a parent willing to help!

    Teams may bring snacks/food into most regional tournaments. Teams should also bring bottled water. Create a "fix-it kit" with items to fix broken props on-site.

    Prepare for Power Problems

    If your Team Challenge solutions uses electricity or batteries, you should:

    Bring extra extension cords / power strips. You CAN instruct the team that they should TEST the power source right when their time begins. If you use batteries, you SHOULD bring extra, just in-case!

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